St Joseph's School promotes a positive sense of community through a whole school approach to wellbeing. The wellbeing framework promotes respect for ourselves, others and the world we live in. We hold the belief that everyone can learn to improve their wellbeing and that this is a lifelong experience.
SPB4L is a whole school positive behaviour approach that sets up our school with common language and expectations so that students feel safe, happy and secure in their learning and playground environment.

The Second Step program, implemented from K-6, helps students build their social-emotional skills. They learn about developing positive relationships, managing their emotions and setting goals so they can thrive not just at school, but beyond.

Activities that promote wellbeing across the school include lunchtime technology sessions, dance and playing board games.. Students also participate in learning about how to grow their minds with 'Grow Your Mind' wellbeing lessons in which they learn about how to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Our School Counsellor visits the school on a fortnightly basis and in 2023 we appointed a Wellbeing Officer.